Digital Humanities

June Sanders and Jacob Riddle Lead Study Abroad in Berlin, Germany: Animation, Design, & Activism

DTC faculty, June Sanders and Jacob Riddle, will lead the study abroad program “Animation, Design, and Activism” in Berlin from May 13th to June 7th, 2024. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the rich history and culture of Berlin while earning academic credits.

Dene Grigar Awarded Funding for XR Research

Dene Grigar (Professor, DTC Vancouver, Electronic Literature Lab) and her Co-PI, Frode Hegland (University of Southampton, United Kingdom), were awarded $250,000 USD from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for their project “The Future of Text In Extended Reality.” The funding begins in January 2024 and supports three initiatives relating to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality, which are collectively called “XR”.

Eliseo Ortiz Guest Lectures for the Hostile Terrain 94 Workshop

Scholar and activist Eliseo Ortiz recently participated as a guest lecturer in Hostile Terrain 94, a participatory art project and exhibition aimed at raising awareness about the human cost of policies that restrict immigration and movement across borders. Initiated by the Undocumented Migration Project and organized by over 150 collaborators worldwide, the exhibition features a wall map of North America marked with over 3,000 handwritten tags representing migrants who have died while crossing the US-Mexico border in the last two decades. This interactive memorial encourages visitors to engage with the data and stories behind each tag.