Web Design + Development

Design online experiences that are culturally responsive.

Make the Internet your own expressive medium for creativity, narrative, and discourse. Classes explore the principles and practices of visual design, coding, user experience (UX), accessibility, content management, and arrays of related topics. Students master the functional mechanics of websites and user interfaces while also making them visually compelling and easy to use, with a discerning eye to cultural and historical contexts.

Along the way, students learn to code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create responsive websites and web apps, preparing them for careers in front-end web development, web design, user experience design (UXD), and more.

Explore web design through…

  • DTC 355: Intro to Web Design and Development
  • DTC 375: Language, Texts, Technology
  • DTC 477: Advanced Web Design and Development
  • DTC 478: Usability & Interface Design

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