Internship Application Form

The DTC department’s Internship course is DTC 498, and enrollment is a two-part process. Please read all instructions carefully to ensure a complete application. Students, you will need to:

  1. Complete the linked form.
  2. Request that your Internship Site Supervisor confirm your placement by emailing with the following information:
    1. Confirm that you are or will be working at your site.
    2. Provide a start date and estimated end date.
    3. Provide an estimate of how many hours this student is anticipated to work at your site over the course of the semester/internship window.

Make sure you have fully communicated and confirmed the internship work described in your application, including the hours needed to be completed and the deadline by which your internship work be completed, before an Internship Site Supervisor can submit the above information.

Once both above requirements for your application are complete, received, and approved, you will be enrolled in the internship course and will receive an email confirming this enrollment. Applications that are received too late in the term (to complete the required hours) will not be accepted.

Completed applications that are received after the 30th day of the semester will not be accepted. To receive credit for the you will be required to complete a midterm check-in report as well as a final report. You will receive more information about these requirements after you are registered for the course.

If you have any questions about registering for the internship, credit hours, or the application form, or if you have questions once you are registered, please email us at