Undergraduate Certificates

DTC offers three undergraduate certificate options:

Game Studies and Design Certificate

The Game Studies and Design Certificate is for students interested in working on their skills in interactive media. This certificate is only available on the Pullman and Vancouver campuses.

There are two required courses:

  • DTC 392: Video Game Theories & History OR DTC 476: Digital Strategies
  • DTC 492: Engines and Platforms

Then students chose 9 credits (3 classes) from one of two options: Design or Development.

For the Design Option select three of the courses listed below:

  • DTC 335: 3D Animation
  • DTC 336: Multimedia Design
  • DTC 354 [ARTS] [M]: Digital Storytelling
  • DTC 435: Advanced Animation

For the Development Option select three courses from the options below:

  • DTC 338: Special Topics
  • DTC 355 [M]: Multimedia Authoring
  • DTC 477: Advanced Multimedia Authoring
  • DTC 478: Usability and Interface Design

Graphic Design Certificate

DTC and the Department of Fine Arts in Pullman collaborate on a Graphic Design certificate for any student interested in learning more about still image creation. This certificate is only available on the Pullman campus.

There are two classes in the core of the certificate:

  • FINE_ART 102 [ARTS]: 2D Art and Design
  • DTC 201 [ARTS]: Tools and Methods for Digital Technology

Then students should pick three of the class options below to complete the certificate:

  • FINE_ART 332: Introduction to Digital Media – Print and Web
  • DTC 336: Multimedia Design
  • FINE_ART 433: Design for Print
  • DTC 436: Advanced Multimedia Design

In addition, any student wishing to complete a certificate in Graphic Design will need to have a 2.0 GPA at WSU.

To apply for a Graphic Design certificate with DTC and Fine Arts in Pullman, fill out and submit the online application.

Social Media Certificate

The Social Media Certificate prepares students for working in the emerging field of digital communication and product promotion. This certificate is only available on the Vancouver campus.

The certificate covers social media in a variety of aspects, including its role in advertising and public relations, how campaigns work, and the relational nature of online engagement. Completion of the Social Media Certificate requires a total of 15 credits.

Required courses:

  • COMSTRAT 312: Principles of Public Relations
  • COMSTRAT 380: Advertising Principles and Practices
  • DTC 330: Social Media Case Studies
  • DTC 331: Social Media Practices

And a minimum of one course from:

  • DTC 336: Multimedia Design
  • DTC 354: Digital Storytelling
  • DTC 355: Introduction to Web Design & Development