Dene Grigar Publishes New Book: The Challenges of Born-Digital Fiction

Dene Grigar's new book, the Challenges of Born-Digital Fiction

Dene Grigar’s new book, The Challenges of Born-Digital Fiction: Editions, Translations, Emulations, co-authored with Maruisz Pisarski (University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów, Polandwas published by Cambridge University Press and released on March 22, 2024.

Grigar and Pisarski address the growing concern about how best to maintain and extend the accessibility of early interactive novels and hypertext fiction or narratives. These forms of born-digital literature were produced before or shortly after the mainstreaming of the World Wide Web with proprietary software and on formats now obsolete. Preserving and extending them for a broad study by scholars of book culture, literary studies, and digital culture necessitate they are migrated, translated, and emulated – yet these activities can impact the integrity of the reader experience.

— Cambridge University Press

Dene Grigar is Professor and Director of Creative Media & Digital Culture in the Department of Digital Technology & Culture at Washington State University Vancouver whose research focuses on the creation, curation, preservation, and criticism of born-digital media.

She has authored 16 media works, 71 scholarly articles, and six books. She has curated exhibits at the British Computer Society, the Library of Congress, and for the International Symposium on Electronic Art, among other venues. With Stuart Moulthrop (U of Wisconsin Milwaukee) she developed the methodology for documenting born-digital media, a project that culminated in an open-source, multimedia book, entitled Pathfinders (2015), and book of media art criticism, entitled Traversals (2017), for The MIT Press. With James O’Sullivan she has recently co-authored a collection of essays for Bloomsbury Press, entitled Electronic Literature as Digital Humanities. Her forthcoming book, Challenges of Born-Digital Literature: Editions, Translations, and Emulations, is co-authored with Mariusz Pisarski, for Cambridge University Press, involves the production of a theoretical print book accompanied by electronic open source book built on the Scalar platform containing over 90 media assets that demonstrate concepts expressed in the print book.

Grigar serves as the Managing Director & Curator of organization’s The NEXT and directs the Electronic Literature Lab.