DTC 338: History & Dreams of VR in VR

The Department of DTC is excited to announce a new special topics course, “DTC 338: Histories & Dreams of VR in VR,” instructed by Professor Jacob Riddle. The class will convene on the WSU Pullman Campus every Wednesdays from 3:10 to 5:40 PM in spark 210. 

Participating students can expect to learn about the history of Virtual Reality and its depictions in science fiction as we lecture, watch films, discuss readings, sculpt, and explore together in the metaverse of today while planning and building a better metaverse for tomorrow. Classes will take place in VR and headsets will be available to students to use. 

It’s worth noting that DTC 338 special topics courses typically run for a single semester. Thus, if this course is of interest to you, please ensure your enrollment for the Fall 2024 semester, as its recurrence remains unconfirmed for future semesters. This presents an excellent opportunity for students keen on the subject matter to immerse themselves and gain insights into the history and contemporary significance of VR.

Please reach out to jacob.riddle@wsu.edu about enrolling and any equipment concerns. Preference will be given to upper division DTC majors.