Eliseo Ortiz Guest Lectures for the Hostile Terrain 94 Workshop

By: Jessica Fernandez

Scholar and activist Eliseo Ortiz (professor, DTC Pullman) recently participated as a guest lecturer in Hostile Terrain 94, a participatory art project and exhibition aimed at raising awareness about the human cost of policies that restrict immigration and movement across borders. Initiated by the Undocumented Migration Project and organized by over 150 collaborators worldwide, the exhibition features a wall map of North America marked with over 3,000 handwritten tags representing migrants who have died while crossing the US-Mexico border in the last two decades. This interactive memorial encourages visitors to engage with the data and stories behind each tag.

During his guest lecture, Ortiz provided a unique perspective on the challenges and complexities surrounding migration policies he emphasizes “The work is intended to bring awareness about the state of dehumanizing people.” In addition to this, he highlighted the importance of creating a dialogue and inspiring change in policies that directly affect the lives and safety of migrants. Ortiz’s lecture added a valuable dimension to the discussion, emphasizing the human impact of policies that restrict immigration and movement across borders.

It is important to note that Hostile Terrain 94 is not just an art project, but a call to action. The project seeks to raise awareness, foster critical thinking, and encourage us to rethink our values and priorities as a society. It urges us to work towards a more just and humane world where the safety and well-being of migrants are protected.

Overall, the Hostile Terrain 94 project serves as an important reminder of the ongoing struggles and tragedies faced by migrants. It is an urgent call to action to create a more compassionate and just society that values the lives and dignity of all individuals, regardless of their place of birth or immigration status.

For more information visit: https://provost.wsu.edu/hostile-terrain-94/