Seattle Experience Pilot Program: Heidi Angel’s Journey

Heidi Angel, a Digital Technology and Culture major, had the opportunity to participate in the Seattle Experience Pilot Program during the 2023 spring break with other College of Arts and Sciences students. The program aimed to immerse students in Seattle’s diverse cultural and professional environment, exploring the theme of belonging. The Seattle Experience pilot program aimed to help students develop professional skills and to reflect on the value of their liberal arts training in real-world situations.

Eliseo Ortiz Guest Lectures for the Hostile Terrain 94 Workshop

Scholar and activist Eliseo Ortiz recently participated as a guest lecturer in Hostile Terrain 94, a participatory art project and exhibition aimed at raising awareness about the human cost of policies that restrict immigration and movement across borders. Initiated by the Undocumented Migration Project and organized by over 150 collaborators worldwide, the exhibition features a wall map of North America marked with over 3,000 handwritten tags representing migrants who have died while crossing the US-Mexico border in the last two decades. This interactive memorial encourages visitors to engage with the data and stories behind each tag.

Eman Ahmed is the 2022 Outstanding Senior

Annually, the Department of Digital Technology and Culture presents an award to an exceptional graduating senior who embodies the values and ideals of the DTC department. The 2022 outstanding senior of this prestigious award is Eman Ahmed.

Galina Wynkoop Collaborated on a Children’s Book

Galina Wynkoop collaborated with her friend, Anna Gerald, to write a children’s book called, Maggie Grace Learns About Magnesium. This book was independently published on October 6, 2019, and is now available for order on Amazon Prime. Wynkoop is a student at Washington State University majoring in Digital Technology and Culture, and her goal in writing is to educate children on the basics of the chemistry world.

DTC Students Go To Portland

A select group of senior and junior-level DTC majors were invited to take up a new professional development opportunity visiting design firms in Portland, Oregon. Aida Must, Eman Ahmed, Austin Wetzel, Lain Bundalian, and Mariah Johnson took a trip from November 2nd – November 4th to learn more about these creative professional firms.

Pullman students developing app to help local businesses

A team of Washington State University students is developing an app that’ll help connect members of the Pullman community with local businesses. The app – Local Cougs – will allow users to learn more about the businesses around them and ideally generate a vital wave of support coming off of two years of struggling through the pandemic. Local Cougs is currently in the prototype stage, with plans for beta testing this summer.

Johanna Teder is Pac-12 Player of the Week

During the final week of February, DTC senior and WSU basketball player Johanna Teder received the Pac-12 Player of the Week award. Johanna was excited to receive this award, stating that “there are so many good athletes and players at our conference” and that she did not expect to receive this award at all. She won the award for most outstanding statistics in two days in a single week when she averaged 20.5 points a game.

Student-created identity stories air on KRFP community radio and online

What advice would you give to your younger self? How do you know if you’re gay? Which expressions in other languages endure in English speakers’ hearts? Exploring answers to these questions and more was the creative basis of a WSU student-led digital storytelling and technology skills-building project that recently aired on community radio station KRFP and is now accessible online.