Eman Ahmed is the 2022 Outstanding Senior

By: Jessica Fernandez

Annually, the Department of Digital Technology and Culture presents an award to an exceptional graduating senior who embodies the values and ideals of the DTC department. The 2022 outstanding senior of this prestigious award is Eman Ahmed.

Eman graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Technology & Culture, along with a second major in Humanities with concentrations in Women, Gender, and Sexual Studies; Comparative Ethnic Studies; and Sociology. Initially, Eman had aspirations to become a lawyer and attend law school. However, as time went by, she came to understand that this path could limit her creativity. During her junior year, she realized that digital multimedia production offered a way for her to accomplish her goals toward social justice and make an impact, using her creative skills and that’s when she made the switch to pursue a degree in DTC. 

Throughout Eman’s time at Washington State University, she was actively engaged in a variety of clubs and activities on campus. Eman was an Undergraduate Learning Assistant for DTC 101, Video Director for WSU Luxe Fashion Magazine, Digital Archivist for WSU Libraries Kimble Digitization Center, and the Lead Social Justice Peer Educator for the WSU Office of Outreach and Education. Eman also expressed that one of the most memorable courses that encouraged her to tap into her creative side was DTC 491: Advanced Digital Cinema. To this day, she fondly recalls creating a short performative documentary for their class final and cherishes the experiences and connections she made through collaboration with others.

Currently, Eman is working at WSU Global Campus working as a Program Coordinator for Global Connections, where she brings together students from the Global Campus through live-streaming in-person events to make them accessible to online students and facilitating virtual extracurricular events. Recently, she initiated a student recognition series called “Student Spotlight” which features a Global Campus student’s accomplishment each week. Additionally, Eman also makes time for her creative pursuits, such as filmmaking. At the moment, she is lending her videography skills to a friend’s musical production. She has maintained close relationships with peers from the DTC department and is collaborating with them on this project. Eman cherishes her time at WSU and holds the memories she created with her colleagues in the DTC department close to her heart.