WSU Foundation Selects DTC Student Artwork

A digital painting by Simone Huynh, a DTC Vancouver student, was selected as one of five winners in the WSU Foundation Gift Planning Student Art Contest.

Simone described her work “Sunlight and Glass” as follows:

“Good schools are like stained glass windows. They are made of many different parts, which on their own are all but meaningless. Yet when these mismatched parts are arranged together, an awe-inspiring sight is created. But just the pieces fitting together seamlessly is not enough for full potential to be realized, only when the light of its students shine through it can we truly see its beauty. Every color is harmonious with another. My piece is representative of that idea, that the students in the school are the ones who can and will show the world what their school was meant to be. Without students, a school is just another building, beautiful as it may be. Within my digital stained glass window, one may spot Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens, as they are seen from the quad at WSU Vancouver. The quad itself is also depicted, and set above it all is the WSU Cougar, roaring with the might of the sun behind it.”

The WSU Foundation will use the artwork by Simone and other students to produce marketing materials and greeting cards that will be gifted to WSU alumni and friends who have committed to supporting WSU through programs such as student scholarships.