John Barber Interviewed on KPTV / Fox About Re-imagined Radio

John Barber (Professor, DTC Vancouver) was interviewed on Thursday, January 4 by Greg Nibler on Fox/KPTV about his Re-imagined Radio project. As previously described on KXRW:

Re-Imagined Radio is a community partnership to produce and perform stories across a spectrum of radio genres, from dramas to comedies, from oral to aural histories, from documentaries to fictions, from soundscapes to sonic journeys, from radio to sound art.

Created in 2013 by John Barber, Re-Imagined Radio strives for human interest stories where creative use of sound(s) creates images in the minds of listeners. These images are more compelling, engaging, immersive, interactive than those presented by our highly processed and commercially focused visual culture. The result: old medium, new engagement. Re-Imagined Radio.