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DTC Internships


A young woman operates a digital video broadcaster

Digital Technology & Culture student internships can be paid work experience, through a formal internship program at a company, or even a volunteer position. Many students find internships on campus or in the Palouse area. Others do theirs outside the area or virtually. While students’ internship experiences are diverse, the common theme of the DTC internship is for students to apply their critical thinking and technical skills in a real-world environment.

Three credits of DTC 498: Internship are required to graduate with a BA in Digital Technology and Culture. Students may choose to do these all at once or in 1 credit segments.  Each 50 hours of work at an internship site amounts to 1 semester credit.

Before the semester that a student anticipates that they will be interning they need to: fill out the internship form and have their supervisor directly email the internship coordinator, Ruth Gregory, to verify the arrangement.

During the semester they work at their internship site students are required to complete a midterm check in report as well as a final report in order to receive credit for their internship work. More information about these requirements are on the Internship Requirements page.

While it is ultimately up to each student to find an internship, opportunities are often posted on the DTC Facebook page & listserv.

Current Students can submit their internship information for approval here.

If you have an internship opportunity that you would like to share with our students then submit it here.

Example Past Internships

Brian Claire
Web Design Intern
Level Design

Annie Holleman
Media Technical Assistant
WSU Academic Outreach & Innovation

Julia Midkiff
Multimedia Intern
Port of Seattle

Jordan Trujillo
Graphic Designer
WSU Carson College of Business

Sam Akerhielm
Social Media & Web Designer
Whitman County CASA


Cesar Guerro
Facilities Analyst

Jasper Barbosa-Rodriguez
Production Assistant
“Z-Nation” SyFy Show

Eva Guillen
Web Accessibility Assistant
WSU Web Team

Katrina Bittner
Data Analysis Intern
Women in Trades, Technology and Science

Sulaiman Ambusaidi
Graphic Designer
WSU Student Media



Aache Howard-McDaniel
Web Designer
WSU Museum of Anthropology

Keisha Brokaw
Social Media Assistant
Olympic National Park

Jared Meyer
H1 Hydroplane Tour

Janae Nelson
Graphic Design Assistant
WSU Student Affairs

Emma Garcia
Web Designer
Palouse River Rollers

Kevin Vandermeer
Digital Marketing Intern

Riley Cagle
Production Assistant
Wanderhouse Productions

Cris Gutierrez
WSU Student Affairs

Kelly-anne Cubley
Sustainable Heritage Network

Cesar Rubio
IT Technician Intern
Schweitzer Engineering Labs