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Digital Technology and Culture Expert Series

During the Spring 2021 semester, the Digital Technology and Culture Department presented the Expert Series: 14 industry professionals and researchers in graphic design, web design, UX design, social media, data visualization, communications, video gaming, animation, systems design, music, and more. Hosted by DTC professor Tor de Vries via Zoom, they discussed their fields and shared thoughts for students. Sessions averaged around an hour long.

Most sessions were recorded and posted to WSU’s Panopto video platform, a private video service which requires an active WSU account, and many are publicly available on YouTube in the Digital Technology and Culture Expert Series playlist.

Below, the guest speakers and video links have been organized by last name.

Lissette Bernal-Cruz

Lissette Bernal-Cruz is a highly-skilled information professional with expertise in knowledge management and project management. She has worked with a wide range of domestic and international organizations, focusing on resolving organizational ‘pain points’ resulting from the absence of processes and controls to effectively manage corporate information. Currently, she is Director of Organizational System and Performance for the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery in New York, helping the state recover from past hurricanes and become more resilient to future extreme weather events. In this role, she collaborates with colleagues across state government on information governance strategies that facilitate day-to-day operations while ensuring compliance with Federal and State regulations.

Watch the recording on WSU/Panopto (login required).

Ritwik Dey

Ritwik Dey is a longtime designer with experience in UX, product design, and graphic design. Currently a Design Director at Medium, he has previously worked at Spotify and the design agency R/GA, where clients included Nike, HBO, and Johnson & Johnson.

Watch the recording on WSU/Panopto (login required) or YouTube.

Kate Greene

With 20+ years of experience in design and communications, Kate Greene is an award-winning expert in branding, art direction, management, and team leadership. Her boutique creative agency, Owl’s Head Solutions, offer full-scale design and technology solutions to any communications challenge, with particular expertise in healthcare.

Watch the recording on WSU/Panopto (login required).

Masha Ioveva

Masha Ioveva manages the Growth product design team at Instagram, building user experiences that empathize with the broadest set of global users across continents, languages, and platforms. She has over 15 years of experience designing digital experiences and leading product teams at Instagram, Apple, and R/GA, where her work has won her 10 US patents.

Watch the recording on WSU/Panopto (login required) or YouTube.

Dave Kanter

Dave Kanter is a web and mobile designer and developer with considerable industry experience for leading companies and brands, including Adobe, Lucas Arts Digital (Star Wars), Autodesk, Publicis Sapient, and more.

Watch the recording on WSU/Panopto (login required) or YouTube.

Rob Kershaw

Robert Kershaw is a photographer, designer, writer, and film editor who discovered digital storytelling while working with remote communities in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Before joining StoryCenter in 2007, Rob worked on offshore oil platforms around the world, published an independent rural newspaper, and operated his own communications and graphic design business. He is the author, co-editor, and designer of four books about the history and ecology of regions and communities in northern and western Canada. As a digital storytelling facilitator and Director of Public Workshops for StoryCenter, Rob has assisted hundreds of individuals telling their own stories.

Watch the recording on WSU/Panopto (login required) or YouTube.

David Lennon

David Lennon is a longtime software architect and engineer in the video game industry. Currently he works at Proletariat, Inc., as the Engineering Lead for the highly-rated battle royale game Spellbreak (available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Epic and Steam), and has previously worked on Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Infinite Crisis, and more.

Watch the recording on WSU/Panopto (login required).

Manuel Lima

Manuel Lima has 15+ years of experience designing digital experiences and leading product teams at companies like Microsoft, Nokia, and Google, where he is currently a Design Lead and Startup Mentor. His specialties are design management and digital strategy; UX and product development; IA, interaction and interface design; and more. Manuel was named “one of the 50 most creative and influential minds” by Creativity magazine; his TED Talk on data visualization has millions of views; and he has authored three highly-acclaimed books on data visualization.

Watch the recording on WSU/Panopto (login required).

Dr. Vincent E. Rone

Vincent E. Rone earned a PhD in musicology from UC Santa Barbara and has taught at universities in New Jersey, Virginia, and Ohio, where he currently teaches music history and theory at Franciscan University of Steubenville. Vincent’s research on the music of religious resistance and protest in 1960s Catholic France has been published by The Journal of Musicological Research and elsewhere. His more recent research focuses on musical traditions that depict the natural and supernatural within film and videogames; his work on The Lord of the Rings films appears in The Journal of Music and the Moving Image, while his work on the Legend of Zelda videogames has appeared on the Ludomusicology Research Group and the Journal of Sound and Music in Games. Vincent co-edited and contributed to Mythopoeic Narrative in The Legend of Zelda, an anthology recently published by Routledge, and currently leads a collaborative project of scholarly essays dedicated to nostalgia and videogame music, forthcoming by Intellect Books.

Watch the recording on WSU/Panopto (login required) or YouTube.

Kailee Scales

Kailee Scales is a global strategist, founder of ThinkFree Global Strategies, and the former Managing Director of Black Lives Matter Global Network. Kailee works at the intersection of global development and social justice, and helps create effective solutions towards eradicating racial injustice, education gaps, global health care inequality, economic and educational disenfranchisement, and climate change.

Watch the recording on WSU/Panopto (login required) or YouTube.

Beth Schäfermann

Beth Schäfermann is a Senior Manager of Product Management at Publicis Sapient, owning the UX for internal methods and tools (M&T): the intranet, internal communications, and more. Her award-winning portfolio includes a wide range of UX research, strategy, and design in the financial, automotive, energy, and healthcare industries for Fortune 100 clients, including MetLife, UBS, General Motors, and more. She has worked on the design of the second largest intranet in the world, and two intranets that she designed have made the Nielsen Norman Group‘s annual lists of 10 Best Intranets.

Watch the recording on WSU/Panopto (login required).

Chris Stauch

Currently a Managing Director at Deloitte Digital in Seattle, Chris Stauch is a longtime creative director with years of experience leading design teams for brands like Verizon, Xbox, New Balance, Chipotle, Intel, Amazon, and more.

* This session was not recorded.

Kenneth Tsai

Kenneth Tsai has more than 20 years of design experience in broadcast television, augmented reality (AR) events, and virtual sets, and is one of the top experts in TV rebranding. He has worked for CNN (International and US); ABC; Fox; Bloomberg; 60 Minutes; Hunan TV (China); CBC (Canada); TV2 (Norway); Singapore Mediacorp; MRTV (Myanmar); and many more. He currently leads Dot Connector, a highly-sought-after creative video production studio and Vizrt partner based in Taiwan.

Watch the recording on WSU/Panopto (login required) or YouTube.

Note: Due to technical issues, Zoom did not properly record the video of the speakers. As a result, neither Kenneth Tsai (the guest speaker) or Tor de Vries (the DTC host) are visible in this video. However, Kenneth’s presentation and the verbal discussion are presented here, and remain illuminating.

Cliff Washington

Cliff Washington is a brand strategist, designer, and creative consultant with more than a decade of experience working with Disney, Nissan, Ann Taylor LOFT, AT&T, and other major brands. He has been a senior digital designer at ViacomCBS, designing for MTV, BET, and the Paramount Network; and at Essence Communications, the media, technology and commerce company dedicated to Black women, with partner-clients including Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, and more. Today, he is the founder and chief brand officer of Duke & Jo, a boutique branding and design consultancy in New York City. He recently hosted a talk on Hidden History: Black Americans In Graphic Design.

Watch the recording on WSU/Panopto (login required) or YouTube.