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DTC Showcase

The annual DTC Awards & Showcase is held at the end of each academic year to celebrate the achievements of the DTC community. During the Showcase, awards are given that acknowledge efforts in technical achievement, creative pursuits, and critical discourse with an emphasis on inclusion, equity, and diversity throughout.

2022 DTC Showcase Winners


Outstanding Senior
Eman Ahmed

Innovative Teaching
June T. Sanders

Emerging Scholar
Lain Bundalian

Distinguished Scholar
Collin Finch

Excellence in Gaming and Interactive Media
Mariah Johnson

Excellence in Film, Sound, & Animation
Aida Must

Excellence in Design & Visual Communication
Emily Aumell

Garrett Renard

Benjamin Wang

Diana Alonso

Raul Jimenez

“Skate Pullman”
Emily Aumell, Mariah Johnson, Maddy Novelozo, Ciara Parkhurst, Jon Preng, Bruno Signorelli, Allison Wanichek, Willow Yaple

Sophie Dutton & Rae Kolke

Maya Toleuova

Community Engagement
Tania Vargas

Student Worker Award
Max Ciot

Previous DTC Showcase Winners


Winners from the 2020-2021 academic year are listed at the 2021 DTC Awards & Showcase.

Winners from earlier years are listed at the Previous DTC Awards & Showcase.