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Suzanne Anderson

Suzanne Anderson

Senior Instructor

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Office — Avery 329
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Suzanne specializes in 3D animation, rhetoric, problem-solving through the construction of public service announcements, and the examination of how 3D visual technologies impact cognitive recognition and enhance the autobiographical experience. Suzanne was first introduced to 3D technology while working with AutoCADD at an architecture firm.

Community Involvement

Suzanne’s classes often involve service learning components and partner with non-profits and government organizations around the Palouse area to create work for them.  In the past, her animation classes have created Public Service Announcements for:

  • Fostering Washington
  • Senior Living
  • College Hill Association
  • Boost of Washington
  • Spokane Tribe

Courses Taught

DTC 201: Tools and Methods for Digital Technology
DTC 335: Introduction to 3D Animation
DTC 435: Advanced 3D Animation