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Richard Snyder

Richard Snyder


Email —
Office — Avery 469
Twitter — @pen_and_think
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Born and bred in Washington State, Richard is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in English Literature at Washington State University. Both a scholar and an amateur illustrator, Richard’s research focuses on image-text pairings in early modern England and contemporary digital culture. Richard is also interested in visual culture studies, digital humanities, emblem studies, rhetoric, multimodality, game studies, art history, and Japan studies.

Courses Taught

DTC 101: Introduction to Digital Technology and Culture
ENGL 101: College Composition


2018 — Digital Technology and Culture Distinguished Graduate/Instructor Teaching Award, WSU
2017 — Teaching Assistant Distinguished Teaching Award, Washington State University
2016 — Outstanding Seminar Essay, Washington State University

Conference Presentations

2017 — “Composing Spaces & Digital Tools in First Year Writing Instruction” Conference for College Composition and Communication, March 15-18
2016 — Invited Panel Discussion on Multimodal Assignment Design, Inland Infolit Retreat, Nov. 9
2016 — Metanoia’s Bloodstains: Reflection in Dark Souls & Maker Culture, PCA/ACA, April 12-15
2016 — Metanoia’s Bloodstains: Reflection in Dark Souls & Maker Culture, SWPCA/ACA, Feb. 10-13