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DTC Minor Requirements


Three students sit around a table joking with a professor

The Digital Technology and Culture minor requires 18 semester credits comprised of 5 required courses and 1 additional DTC course of the student’s choosing. A DTC minor can be declared after a student has completed 60 semester credits at Washington State University and declared their major. Minor Requirements:

  • DTC 101: Introduction to Digital Technology & Culture
  • DTC 201: Tools and Methods for Digital Technology
  • DTC 336: Multimedia Design
  • DTC 355: Intro to Web Design and Development
  • DTC 375: Language, Texts, & Technology
  • and one additional DTC course of the student’s choice

To apply for a minor in DTC then fill out and submit the linked application.

For more information about the DTC minor please make an appointment with Alma Rocha, the DTC academic advisor.