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Humanities on the Palouse


The Humanities on the Palouse cohort

Humanities on the Palouse


The primary mission of HOP is to place WSU Humanities and Arts students in compensated internship opportunities at organizations in the Palouse area that surrounds Washington State University.

The HOP internships are focused on exploring the link between skills developed in Humanities and Arts coursework and the professions. Skills like: critical and creative thinking, adaptation, information literacy, social responsibility, working with diverse groups, empathy, writing, public speaking, translation, textual analysis, teamwork, and leadership. A secondary goal is to address inequity in compensated internship opportunity for women, students of color, queer students, and other marginalized populations.

Open HOP positions are posted in the late Spring and Summer of each year. Interested applicants should apply via Handshake.

HOP members participate in the program over the course of a school year. Profiles of current members can be found here. Each member serves 300 or 450 hour terms at community sites selected by the HOP advisory committee.

In addition to their service, participating students also receive specialized training on professional development, civic engagement, self care, and equity.

Compensation for participation in the program is provided in the form of an educational stipend administed at the end of service by AmeriCorps.

Participating WSU departments, schools, and programs include:

Digital Technology and Culture
Comparative Ethnic Studies
Fine Arts
Foreign Languges
Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

Seed funding for this program was provided by a Catalyst Grant from the Center for Arts and Humanities within the WSU College of Arts and Sciences as well as the Smith Teaching and Learning Grant from the Office of the Provost at WSU.


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