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Graduate Certificate


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Digital Humanities and Culture Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate in Digital Humanities and Culture emphasizes historical, rhetorical, and cultural knowledge by building expertise in the critical analysis and creative production of digital media. This understanding prepares students for problem solving and communicating both locally and globally. More than learning a specific technology or computing platform, a graduate certificate in Digital Humanities and Culture directs students to learn how, when, and most importantly why to use technology to solve a range of problems for digital classrooms, scholarly research methodologies, information technology companies, political advocacy groups, social justice projects and beyond.

Designed to enhance already existing graduate programs in the humanities and the social sciences, the graduate certificate in Digital Humanities and Culture offers graduate-level coursework in critical methods, textual analysis, composing practices, and hands-on production for engaging with humanistic studies in, as well as about, digital environments.

Curriculum Description

Students seeking to earn this certificate must be simultaneously enrolled in a graduate degree-granting program at Washington State University. A total of nine-credit hours are required for the DHC graduate certificate: DTC/ENGL 560 (three-credit hours) and DTC/ENGL 561 (three-credit hours) are mandatory and the final three-credit hours are chosen by the students from a list of electives depending on their focus. The required two core courses, both offered on the Pullman campus, bring together theory, practice, methods, and ethics.

Core Courses

DTC/ENGL 560: Critical Theories, Methods, and Practice in Digital Humanities
DTC/ENGL 561: Studies in Technology and Culture


Students must choose at least one elective course from the following list to complete the requirements for the certificate. Other courses may be accepted upon request and approval by the Director of Graduate Studies in consultation with the Director of Digital Technology and Culture.

AMST 522: Digital Cultures, Digital Divides
DTC/ENGL 477: Advanced Multimedia Authoring
DTC/ENGL 478: Usability and Interface Design
ENGL 548: Seminar in Critical and Cultural Theory
ENGL 591: Topics in Pedagogy
HIST 527 [M]: Public History: Theory and Methodology
HIST 529: Interpreting History through Material Culture

For additional information about this certificate please visit the English site.