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As an interdisciplinary program, Digital Technology & Culture brings together faculty and staff with a rich and exciting mix of specializations. Faculty members teach and conduct research at the intersections of emerging technology and critical cultural theory. The innovative fusion of disciplines gives students access to a full range of perspectives on the uses, production, and circulation of media technology.


Suzanne Anderson

Suzanne Anderson

Senior Instructor

Suzanne’s specialties include digital animation, 3D rhetorics, problem-solving through the construction of public service announcements, and the examination of how 3D visual technologies impact cognitive recognition and enhance the autobiographical experience.  Suzanne is the head of the DTC Animation Lab:

Office – Avery 329
Phone – 509.335.8948
Email –


Kristin Becker

Kristin Becker


Kristin is trained as a print maker and photographer.  Her artistic practice is inspired by the duality of the verbal and visual aspects of language. In addition to completing freelance photography and design work in the Moscow-Pullman area, she exhibits in galleries throughout the United States. Learn more at and

Office – Avery 479
Phone – 509.335.8747
Email –


Kim Christen

Kim Christen

Professor & Director of Digital Technology and Culture

Kim’s research focuses on ethical uses of technology, collaborative curation, and digital technologies in cultural contexts. More of Kim’s work, including publications and projects, can be found at You can follow her on Twitter @Mukurtu.

– Avery 339
Phone – 509.335.4177
Email –


Mike Edwards

Assistant Professor

Mike teaches in Digital Technology and Culture as well as graduate and undergraduate courses in the English Department on rhetoric, composition, and technology. He specializes in digital rhetorics, rhetorics and theories of technology, and the economics of composition. He is the editor for the Topoi section of Kairos: a Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. Learn more about Mike at

Office – Avery 341
Phone – 509.335.8818
Email –


Rebecca Goodrich

Clinical Assistant Professor & DTC Certification Coordinator

Rebecca is fascinated by the challenge of interpreting both fiction and creative nonfiction in a multimedia environment in new and interesting ways. For more information about Rebecca please visit her personal website at rebeccamgoodrich.

Office – Avery 391
Phone – 509.335.4263
Email –


Ruth Gregory

Instructor & Assistant Director of Digital Technology and Culture

Ruth is an award-winning filmmaker, new media artist, and published writer with over two decades of experience in the creative industries. Her creative and scholarly work examines the intersection of media, technology, culture, and power. You can find out more about Ruth and see examples of her work on her personal website at Ruth is also active on Twitter @ruthgregory

Office – Avery 209
Phone – 509.335.2163
Email –


Amy Petersilie

Amy Heile


Amy has a deep appreciation for the way words, images, sounds, and space can be manipulated to create meaning. Her research interests include multimodal composition, literacy studies, visual rhetoric, embodiment, and alternative learning environments.

Office – Avery 301
Phone – 509.335.6716
Email –


Leeann Hunter

Clinical Assistant Professor & Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies for the English Department

Leeann teaches in Digital Technology and Culture program and the English department at WSU. Her special interests include social connectedness, embodied rhetorics, science fiction, design thinking, and creativity. She also teaches courses in nineteenth-century literature and culture, gender studies, and professional communication. Her research spans from Victorian social economics to contemporary issues in student access and student success in higher education. Learn more about Leeann at

Office – Avery 475
Phone – 509.335.2627
Email –


Anna Plemons

Clinical Assistant Professor of English & Director of CLASP for the College of Arts and Sciences

Anna’s scholarly interests include issues of equity and access in digital space, particularly the intersection of digital access and mass incarceration. As the College of Arts and Sciences Director of the Critical Literacies Achievement and Success Program (CLASP), she also works with students and faculty on issues of retention and equity at WSU. Learn more about her work at

Office – Avery 223
Phone – 509.335.3876
Email –


Roger Whitson

Assistant Professor

Roger’s research focuses on the intersections between literary studies (nineteenth-century British) and the digital humanities, particularly the way social media and distant reading complicate traditional understandings of literary study. He is also an avid comic book reader, steampunk enthusiast, and is passionate about issues surrounding open access and open source. Learn more about Roger’s work at and follow him on Twitter @rogerwhitson.

Office – Avery 331
Phone – 509.335.6420
Email –