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Faculty & Staff


As an interdisciplinary program, Digital Technology and Culture brings together faculty with a rich and exciting mix of specializations. The Digital Technology and Culture faculty have a wide breadth of creative and scholarly interests and expertise. But there are common threads; everyone’s work is centered around questions of access, power, and privilege regarding technology and media. To find out more information about their creative work, scholarship, teaching, and other activities see below.

DTC Core Faculty

Suzanne Anderson
Senior Instructor
Kristin Becker
Kim Christen
Director of Digital Technology and Culture
Tor de Vries
Mike Edwards
Assistant Professor
Rebecca Goodrich
Clinical Assistant Professor
Ruth Gregory
Assistant Director of Digital Technology and Culture
Lacy Hope
Anna Plemons
Clinical Assistant Professor of English
Director of CLASP for the College of Arts and Sciences
Richard Snyder
Roger Whitson
Assistant Professor

DTC Affiliate Faculty

Jon Hegglund
Associate Professor
Amy Heile
Leeann Hunter
Clinical Assistant Professor
Assistant Director of English Undergraduate Studies

DTC Academic Advisor

Leisa McCormick
Academic Advisor for Digital Technology and Culture and English