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Portrait of Elle Fournier

Elle Fournier

Graduate Student Instructor

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Elle’s writing and research focuses on the intersecting rhetorics of capitalism and place. She is also interested in environmental studies, pedagogy, and the digital humanities. Elle is from the Pacific Northwest and grew up in the shrub-steppe of Washington state. She spends her free time exploring the outdoors, baking, and attempting to keep her house plants alive.

Selected Presentations

“Detours in the digital city: Place and Non-linear Composition,” Computers & Writing  – 2019
“Indicators of Value, Property, Separation, and Assessment of Performance: Four Applications of Marx for Composition Theory and Pedagogy.” Conference on College Composition & Communication  – 2019
“Resilient, Community Engaged, and at Maximum Capacity: Doing More With a Network.” Conference on Community Writing – 2017
“Partnering with people, not providing to: Curricular infrastructures in Fairbanks, Alaska.” Conference on Community Writing  – 2015


Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation Summer Fellow – 2018