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All DTC majors need to complete an internship (DTC 498) to graduate. Given the current post-graduate job market, we strongly recommend completing an internship that directly relates to a student’s future career or life goals.

An internship requires that students secure a position working with some aspect of digital technology.  Students are required to complete 3 semesters credits over the course of their time in DTC.  They may choose to do these all at once or in 50 hour segments.  Each 50 hours of work at an internship site amounts to 1 semester credit.

Before the semester that a student anticipates that they will be interning they will need to fill out an internship application form and have their internship supervisor sign it as well as the DTC Internship Coordinator. During the semester they work at their internship site students are required to complete a midterm check in report as well as a final report in order to receive credit for their internship work.

While it is ultimately up to each student to find an internship, DTC faculty and staff frequently post internship opportunities on the DTC Facebook page and the DTC listserv.

Download the DTC 498: Internship forms here.

Ruth Gregory

DTC Assistant Director &
Internship Coordinator

Phone – 509.335.2163
Office – Avery 209
Email –