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Internship Requirements

Download Internship Forms here (.pdf)

All DTC majors need to complete an internship (DTC 498) or an independent study (ENGL 499) to graduate. Given the current job market, we strongly recommend the internship. If you are interested in the independent study, please meet with your faculty mentor for more information.

An internship requires that you find a position working with some aspect of digital technology and that you work 150 hours over the course of a semester (150hrs = 3 credits). You will need to fill out an internship application form beforehand, and then complete a midterm and final report during the course of the semester. You can do the internship anytime. However, you need to enroll in DTC 498 for the duration of the work. (DTC 498 is not a course, just the number that indicates you’re doing an internship.)

While it is ultimately up to you to find an internship, we will help you by posting internship opportunities on the DTC Facebook page. Note that most of the opportunities that come our way are for non-profit organizations (generally unpaid). If you want a paid position, be proactive. Below you will also see some past DTC internships. Try your hand at applying to one of these businesses, departments, or organizations.

Past Internships

  • Mara Almanzor won a DTC award for her work in creating Zoe Coffeehouses website (a beloved local coffeeshop for many) from the ground up.
  • Stefan Lindeman, Laurel Gordon and Max Supler all collaborated to create the WSU English Department’s new website.
  • Haley Elder (and many others!) worked for College Hill Custom Threads.
  • Marisa Sandoval has worked for the Washington State Magazine as a clerical intern, web/image editor, and writer.
  • Meg Clark completed a marketing internship with Pelago Inc. in Seattle and has also interned with WSU’s English Department.
  • Jenn Haskins worked for WSU’S Marketing and Creative Services as a web editor.
  • Aly Schoonover was an intern for JTP Fifth Column, a production and development firm in New York City.
  • Greg Mitchell worked for EPivot Solutions, a web development and custom graphics firm, in Spokane, WA
  • Nathalie Owen and Mari Cabiling created the Spokane Tilth website.
  • Troy Alapit and Sean Sison worked for Catholic Charities of Spokane to help create the website for the Vinegar Flats Community Garden, a program of the St. Margaret’s Women and Children’s Shelter.
  • Kari Christie was the Graphics Manager for the graphics-advertising department of The Daily Evergreen.

Internship Coordinator

Rebecca Goodrich

Clinical Assistant Professor &
Assistant Director of DTC


Phone: 509-335-4263
Office:  Avery 391