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The DTC program prepares students for a wide variety of careers, civic engagement, and creative pursuits. Browse through the profiles below for a window into the variety of paths our graduates have taken after they have completed the program.

Dierdre Allison

Deirdre graduated in DTC in 2011 with a concentration in Media Authoring and minors in Professional Writing and Business Administration. While at WSU, she interned at soon after it switched from print and web to web-only publishing. Shortly after graduating, she started working at Clipper Vacations updating their 700+ page website including writing marketing copy, cropping photos and managing their blog. She also volunteers at Sustainable Seattle, helping redesign their website and assisting the communications team.

Annie Bixler

bixlerAnnie is a Marketing Specialist at Vivid Learning Systems, an online safety training company, in Pasco, Washington. Her studies in the DTC program helped her obtain an internship with Vivid Learning Systems as a Technical Writer after graduation. She was then hired full-time as a Marketing Specialist. As a Marketing Specialist, Annie is driving Vivid’s social media campaign, external newsletter and trade show logistics, as well as writing articles, editing and re-designing their print materials. Annie says, “I really love my job because I am constantly learning and applying myself in new ways each day. The DTC program provided me with real skills and applicable knowledge I could use in the workforce. I learned how to clearly communicate across multiple mediums and use technology to better people’s lives. The most impacting class in the DTC major was Dr. Ericsson’s class on Language, Texts & Technology because it truly encouraged me to think about how we interpret and use different mediums. This major is unique in that it encompasses a multitude of majors, and goes to show that DTC students have the communication skills and understanding of technology to work in a variety of industries.” Annie also volunteers as a mentor for high school students at Delta High School in Richland, Washington.

Seth Burnett

Seth is an interactive designer at Imageworks. As a part of his job he designs and builds websites, designs logos, and helps build web- and Flash-based corporate training. Where DTC has recently come into play in his career has been in logo and interface design. With logos, DTC has helped Seth think about how to treat the typeface (i.e., using different font weights, colors, capitalizations, etc.). In regard to interface design, the courses that talked about and experimented with how people might interact with a website have been helpful to Seth and will prove to be crucial as he is given more sites to design and concept.

Brandon Camerer

brandoncamererBrandon graduated in 2012 and quickly found a job working on the marketing team at Torklift Central in Kent, Washington. He does web and graphic design as well as web development. Brandon says “DTC classes taught me very applicable skills in my field.”

Brian Claire

Brian graduated from the DTC program in 2013, and very soon after found a job at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. He is currently working on the Windows Phone team, helping with design and overall composition of the operating system that runs on Windows devices. What Brian likes most about his job is “knowing that what I work on is going to go out to millions of people, and having pride in the fact that I can point to a specific feature and say…’I made that.’” Having an attention to detail, an eye for design, and a passion for technology is something that defines him. DTC allowed Brian to explore many different areas of the digital world, allowing him to acquire a diverse range of skills. The more skills you can obtain, the more attractive you’ll look to potential employers. The major gives you the opportunity to do just that with a wide variety of classes ranging from drawing to website creation. Digital Technology & Culture prepared Brian for working at Microsoft by letting him choose the tech area that was right for him.

Lauren Clark

laurenclarkLauren completed the DTC program in May 2007 and began working toward her master’s degree in Rhetoric and Composition that following fall. She completed her master of arts degree in Spring 2009 and is now a doctoral student at North Carolina State University in Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media.

Meg Clark

megclarkMeg graduated in 2010 and moved to San Francisco, where she is now Community Manager at CoTweet, a comprehensive Web-based social media engagement solution aimed toward marketers and customer support professionals. Meg heads up technical support, runs the CoTweet blog, manages social media marketing and customer relations, and is working on taking the app global after the acquisition by ExactTarget.

Abe Curry

abecurryAfter working for two years at Wieden+Kennedy on the Old Spice campaign, and another year at Razorfish on the Best Buy account, Abe Curry is now an Account Manager for Amazon. Abe graduated in 2010.

Ben DeCrease

After an internship at WSU Libraries and after graduating from the DTC program in spring 2007, Ben began work for a well-established antiquarian bookseller in downtown Seattle. His duties in the rare book trade entail pricing and describing collectible books, facilitating online and in-store sales, customer relations, and minimal conservation. A degree in Digital Technology & Culture was helpful in bolstering his abilities as a technical writer and marketer, and most importantly sparked a love of writing, technology, and epistemology. Ben’s short-term goal is to obtain a master’s degree in Library Science and work abroad.

Anthony Dell’Ario

dellarioAnthony (BA DTC, MA English) has worked as a curriculum and educational materials developer for a large, private, English-language academy in Seoul, South Korea, since 2008. He produces textbooks, writes exams, and designs graphics on a regular basis. He also occasionally does freelance work as a photographer for various Seoul-based magazines.


Geneva Drouin

geneva drouinGeneva works as a Coordinator for Afghan eQuailty Alliances, a USAID-funded cooperative agreement to provide equal access to quality education and e-education resources for the higher education system in Afghanistan. Her DTC degree sparked her employer’s interest because it combines a variety of skills and fields.


Danielle Gatsos

gatsosDanielle is a Marketing Coordinator for William Craig Company, an appraisal management firm. Danielle says, “I was hired because my DTC degree and experience demonstrated that I was knowledgeable in marketing and branding rhetoric and could also provide technical services.” Danielle runs the online newsletter and e-mail campaigns, is re-designing all of their print materials, and is developing animated slide shows for presenting to banks and credit unions. Danielle is also initiating their social media campaigns.


Katy Harrison

Katy Harrison is a graphic designer for Frause, an integrated communications agency located in Seattle. Katy has worked on projects for a variety of Pacific Northwest clients in the nonprofit, environment, financial, and real estate industries.

Max Harrison

Max Harrison has been working as contractor for Microsoft launching Vista and supporting the day-to-day operations of the Chief Technology Officer.

Jenn Haskins

haskinsJenn graduated in December 2010 with a Media Authoring concentration, a minor in Professional Writing, and a minor in Fine Arts. During her time at WSU, she worked with Washington State University’s Marketing and Creative Services web team. After graduation, she moved back to the Seattle area and began work with the UX Design Director of Treemo Labs in January. Treemo Labs is a start up which develops mobile apps for companies like CBS, MTV, CNET, and more.

Edison Kent

kentAfter working from 2011 to 2012 as a Tier I Technical Support Representative & Help Desk Administrator for Providence Health & Systems Oregon Region, Edison has now accepted a position with Harsch Investment Properties in Portland, Oregon, and will be working as a Tier II Technical Support Representative for customers across six regional offices in the western United States. Ed still greatly appreciates the tremendous opportunity he had to enroll and take courses in the Digital Technology & Culture program at Washington State University, and has continually been able to apply lessons learned from his college experience to the career he has chosen in Information Technology. Ed is still hoping to continue his education and delve deeper into the many areas of his academic interests, and is proud to be a Cougar in Portland, still representing Washington State University.

Brenden Martin

brendenmartinBrenden majored in DTC with a Media Authoring Concentration and a Business Administration Minor. He conducted a successful job search and was offered seven (!!) jobs. Brenden now works on Wunderman’s Team Microsoft as a Media Planner.


Kevin McPartland

mcpartlandKevin McPartland (BA DTC, Minor MIS) graduated in 2010 and shortly after moved to Kirkland, Washington, where he acquired a Graphic Design internship with Shirts for Greeks, a screen printing company. After completing his internship, he was hired on full time as a Graphic Designer as well as part of the sales team. The company is still very young (only 2 years old) but is quickly growing. They recently opened a Pullman office and moved Kevin back in order to help open the shop.


Diego Moreno

Diego Moreno works as the Assistant Program Director at The Little Gym in Kent, Washington, a motor skills development gym with a program based in gymnastics. He also does freelance graphic design, including web design and brochures.

Joshua Morgan

Joshua works for Expedia, Inc., in Bellevue, Washington, as an Associate Media Editor (Lodging Content Team). He works with properties from Seattle to Brazil to India, to resorts on the Caribbean. The DTC program has been great for Josh as it gives him the technical aptitude to succeed in an ever changing digital world—along with some rhetorical advantages.

Brian Ricketts

Brian graduated in 2005 and had an interview the following week for a fast growing local ISP. He applied as an “Internet Technical Support Technician.” He is now learning other jobs and quickly moving up with responsibility and pay. “The DTC program helped me in many ways, the obvious is a four year DTC degree from WSU looks great on a résumé.” But one main thing Brian learned from the DTC degree is people/verbal skills for his rather fast-paced job. He also writes up proposals for new jobs that he takes on and new equipment that is needed for those jobs. In his time on the job he has learned rather fast using the web-building skills, the writing skills, and overall computer skills all credited to the DTC program. On a side note, Brian says he loves his job!

Morgan Sherwood

Morgan Sherwood graduated in spring 2012 with a BA in DTC and minors in MIS and Professional Writing. The DTC and MIS programs allowed Morgan to have hands-on experience with the latest hardware and software systems that the university could provide. The Professional Writing and culture aspect of the degree, as many wonder about, allowed Morgan to develop effective verbal and writing communication. She used her experience as an intern for Washington State University’s IT desktop support group to acquire additional skills in the tech-support field. Soon after graduation, she found a position as a full-time Information Services Technician for the City of Pullman where she is currently employed. These aspects of her education have made her proficient in problem-solving technical issues for city employees who understand technology at different levels. Morgan also voluntarily maintains the website, social media, scoreboard, and other technology-related needs of the Rolling Hills Derby Dames, Pullman’s local women’s roller derby league.

Paul Tanner

Paul is the lead user experience designer at Serendipity, an analytics startup in Palo Alto, California. After completing the DTC program in 2007, Paul studied Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University, and has since designed sites and apps for companies including American Eagle Outfitters, GE Capital, Nestle, and College Board. As a designer, Paul loves working with great people to create experiences that impact and enrich the lives of people around the world. His experience in DTC helps him to understand and anticipate the rapidly changing digital world. He feels that DTC gave him a strong analytical foundation while also offering flexibility to pursue critical skills in usability, design, and web development.

Shelby Teachout

shelbyteachoutShelby Teachout, spring 2009 DTC grad, works for McNally Temple Associates in Sacramento as a film editor. The company’s clients include government and multinational corporations, business and trade associations, labor unions, and elected officials and candidates for public office.


Nick Winters

wintersImmediately after graduation, Nick returned to his hometown, Wenatchee, Washington, to work as the Webmaster for Ridgeline Graphics, Inc. Ridgeline Graphics is a marketing production company specializing in brand development through graphic design, website design/development, and print production. Because the business is only two years old, Nick has had the opportunity to learn how a business is built from the ground up. He works closely with clients, builds and manages content management system-based websites, and regularly prepares written proposals. He is currently expanding his creative skill-set by introducing different media, such as video, to his clients. He says, “DTC prepared me for my job by introducing me to different types of media programs, sharpening my technical writing skills, and laying down the foundation for recognizing rhetoric in a digital world.”