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2020 DTC Showcase Winners

For 2020 winners, please visit the main DTC Awards & Showcase page.

2019 DTC Showcase Winners

Graduate Scholarship
Lacy Hope

Instructor Pedagogy
Rachel Bigler

Emerging Scholar
Dallas Hobbs

Established Scholar
Aaron Kapral

Excellence in Digital Cinema, Sound, and Animation
Jeff Braund

Excellence in Information Systems and Structures
“Brief Amicus Curiae for the American Digital Privacy Association in Support of Respondent”
Nico Krout

Excellence in Interactive Technology and Development
Evie Caldwell, Maren Martin, Aache’ Howard-McDaniel and Laurel Kroschel

Excellence in Collaboration
“Pullman School Pantry Program Website & Deliverables”
Daniel Kim, Brandon Sanders, Riley Cagle, Kameryn Skillingstad, and Dave Herman

Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion
Bryan Duran

Excellence in Service & Community Engagement
Kyra Antone

Grit Award
Pedro Trejo

2019 DTC Outstanding Senior
Kelly-anne Cubley

DTC Director Kim Christen is all smiles as she holds a mic at the 2019 DTC Awards

2018 DTC Showcase Winners

Graduate/Instructor Pedagogy Award
Richard Snyder

Emerging Scholar Award
Evie Caldwell

Established Scholar Award
Sulaiman Ambusaidi

Digital Cinema, Sound, & Animation Award
David Czyzewicz, Jeff Braund, Amani Brown, Riley Cagle, Mikah Chan, Kelly-anne Cubley, Marisa Riley,
Emma Garcia, Jared Meyer, Kira Norman, Angelica Tibule, Kevin Vandermeer, Sanna Wright, and Josh Yi

Information Systems & Structures Award
“Homes of Hope Deliverables”
Kevin Vandermeer, Jonathan Martinez, Tou Moua, Ted Nikolov, Aaron Scofield, and Pedro Trejo

Interactive Technology & Development Award
“The Internet Bill of Rights Movement”
Rocky Lemley

Diversity & Inclusion Award
Aache’ Howard-McDaniel

Service & Community Engagement Award
Rumnik Cheema

2018 DTC Outstanding Senior Award
Cesar Guerrero

Rebecca Goodrich hands Sulaiman Ambusaidi his award for Established Scholar

Roger Whitson plays a game that Janae Nelson helped to design



2017 DTC Showcase Winners

Best Stop Motion Animations
“Space Adventures” by Alyssa Puett
“Witch’s Brew” by Kira Norman
“Blind Date” by Emily Page
“Dream Breaks” by Marco Harris

Best Short Narrative Films
“The Abduction” by Brandon Dudley
“Truth be Told” by Mely Barajas

Best Short Documentary Films
“Taking Life Sitting Down” by Laura Guido
“Our Own Devices” by Alexa Berg and Patrick Ota
“Proud of the Cloud” by Jared Meyer
“Pure Nelida” by Tihani Cadiam-Moore and Alonso Lopez Meza
“Alopecia: A Short Documentary” by Tyler Nelson

2016 DTC Showcase Winners

Best Stop Motion Films
“A Dog Story” by Cleana Broman
“No Texting While Fetching” by Darcy Malberg
“Soaring” by Joshua An
“Lethe” by Jorge Barbosa-Rodriguez
“The Lego Life” by Amanda Villarreal
“What Was Lost” by Kai Richardson
“The Lonely 10-Pin” by Kelsey Nash

Best Live Action Narrative Films
“Quiet in the House” by Jorge Barbosa-Rodriguez
“Plastic Chef” by Keaton Moore
“Laser Cats”by Kai Richardson
“Crushed” by Mara Almanzor
“An.i.mus” by Tyler Nelson

Best Documentary Films
“The Cadet” by Josh Allen
“Mechanical Poetry” by Grace Reed
“Miracles” by Meghan Thompson
“Depression is Bullshit” by Kathlina White
“Softball Family (Video 360)” by Kelsey Nash
“Taco Truck Campaign” by Dimitri Gedevanishvili

2015 DTC Showcase Winners

Best Films
“Mockumentary” by Marcus Grove
“Explore Pullman” by Jacob Oster
“An ‘Objective’ Study” by Alison Mand
“I Like That” by Hunter Beetham
“S nay ck Time” by Mauricio Harris Matija
“Going Home” by Bobby Bonjukian
“A Penguin’s Tale” by Megan Peterson
“A Fight to the Death” by Terez Hubble-Brownfield
“The First Mouse on the Moon” by Alayna Wagers

Films Produced in DTC 354
“What is Art” by Maryssa Beare
“Distance” by Terez Hubble-Brownfield
“Martial Arts Training Academy” by Becka Prater
“Here For You” by Cesar Guerrero
“Emulation” by Cassidy Radtke

2014 DTC Showcase Winners

Best Print Design
MacKenzie Brooks

Best Website
Mara Almanzor

Best Video Editing
Jacob Oster

Best Video
“Darkly” by Angela Bonner

Best Stop Motion Animation
“She Didn’t Mean to Leave Her Date for Someone Else, They Just Had Better Chemistry” by Kelsey Johnson

Best Beginning 3D Animation
“On the Wrong Track” by Calin Scott

Best Advanced 3D Animation
“Apple Tree” by Maria Pham and Susan Cannarella

2012 DTC Showcase Winners

Best Print Design
Dustin Hall
Jillian Monda

Best Logo
Jordan LeClaire

Best Website
Ross Dallaire, Nathan Lindahl, Allison Hartinger, Beth Notturno, Chris Hoertel, and Simon Nam

Best Video Editing
Bryan Varner

Best Film
“John” by Beth Notturno

Best Animation
“Hole in One” by Brett Lambright and Nick Shephard