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2020 DTC Showcase Winners

Kyra Antone, Outstanding SeniorAracely Mendoza, Established ScholarRachel Tveit, Excellence in Digital Cinema, Sound, and AnimationBethany Loomis, Excellence in Information Systems and StructuresAidan Aumell, Excellence in Interactive Technology and DevelopmentEvie Caldwell, Excellence in Service and Community EngagementJovannah Gudino, Excellence in CollaborationJovannah Gudino, Excellence in CollaborationJovannah Gudino, Excellence in CollaborationLandon Roper, Instructor Pedagogy...and more!

The annual DTC Awards & Showcase is held at the end of each academic year to celebrate the achievements of the DTC community. During the Showcase, awards are given that acknowledge efforts in technical achievement, creative pursuits, and critical discourse with an emphasis on inclusion, equity, and diversity throughout.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, the Awards were awarded virtually, as seen in the video above. The categories and winners for the 2019-2020 academic year are listed below, with links to more information about each.


Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion
Luis Garcia

Excellence in Collaboration
Erica Bedolla, Tori Bredy, Emily Deichmann, Jovannah Gudino, and Rachel Tveit

Excellence in Service and Community Engagement
Jordan Bard, Evie Caldwell, Lexis Cook, and Aya Stewart

Anna Davenport

Instructor Pedagogy
Landon Roper

Previous DTC Showcase Winners


Winners from 2019, 2018, and earlier are listed at the Previous DTC Awards & Showcase.