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Excellence in Service & Community Engagement

Awarded to students who provided exemplary service to the WSU community and beyond during the past curricular year.

2020 Award Recipients (in alphabetical order)

Jordan Bard

Photo of Evie Caldwell

Evie Caldwell

Evie Caldwell is a recent Digital Technology and Culture graduate who loves photo manipulation and has been using Adobe Photoshop for over five years. She is also experienced in editorial design, logo design, motion graphics, video editing, and web design.

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Lexis Cook

Aya Stewart

From the Nominations

“As part of a DTC336 project that studied local spending and alternative currencies, these students worked in a small group and were paired with Eric Sorenson of Clumsy Crow Baking of Pullman, WA. They showed a high level of engagement with the long-term project, more than any of the other students in two sections of the class, spending a significant amount of time studying one specific aspect of Sorenson’s operation and using their research to create original designs.

“They obviously founded a positive relationship with their community member and showed great enthusiasm for what his small business contributes to the community. Their community partner attended their final presentation and also obviously had a positive experience with the group.”

From the Group

“Our group worked with Eric Sorenson of Clumsy Crow Baking to create artisanal currency notes for his business. We specifically chose to focus on his authentic lye-dipped German pretzels and the processes he uses to make them. Throughout the semester, we repeatedly visited with Eric to collect notes and photographs. We used our research to develop icons, patterns, and color schemes, which we then used to create our double-sided bills. Our group chose Aya’s bill [at right] as our final currency design.

“I learned a lot about baking from this project, and I loved the opportunity to get to work with such a neat local business.”

Clumsy Crow artisinal currency

More currency examples from the class can be seen on the DTC blog post Local Artisinal Currency Project.