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Excellence in Interactive Technology & Development

Awarded to a student who explores the principles of web design, coding, information architecture, and usability in a global cultural context.

Photo of Aidan Aumell

Aidan Aumell, 2020 award recipient

My name is Aidan Aumell from Seattle, Washington. I am a Digital Technology Senior graduating in December 2020. I am passionate about web design, VR/AR development, the environment, education, and soccer. This summer I am interning with Simply Augmented working on web design, social media, and 3D modeling.

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I redesigned a more accessible, and user-friendly, web site for small local business where I previously worked, Seattle Pops. I worked in the Seattle Pop’s kitchen creating all-natural popsicles for two years. I also served as their Social Media Manager intern.

I created the Seattle Pops website for a final in DTC 355, which required students to create a website for a fictional business. I optimized my learnings from the DTC 355 class about UI/UX principals; and advice from Professor Tor de Vries to create the website. I designed an entire new website and added new content as well. When the website was completed, I shared my website design with the owner of Seattle Pops, who loved my design.

Visit the updated site at

From the Nominations


“Aidan’s passion for web design was evident this fall in DTC 355. In fact, for his final project, he asked to be allowed to design a new web site for the small business that he worked at over the previous summer. He asked questions, met with me, and pitched it to the business owner — and they loved it!

“His design is now their site, at”


Seattle Pops Home Page