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Excellence in Information Systems & Structures

Awarded to a student who focuses on inclusive strategies for and systems to design, curate, present, organize, and critique data and information and their functions, uses, and effects across multiple contexts.

Photo of Bethany Loomis

Bethany Loomis, 2020 award recipient

My name is Bethany Loomis. I am currently a Washington State University student earning a Bachelor of Digital Technology and Culture with a minor in Music Technology.

Upon completion of my bachelor’s degree, I hope to become a graphic designer and use my skills to assist with web development and design. I am engaged in my community as a musician in the groups The Community Band of The Palouse and the Hog Heaven Big Band.

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I was tasked with interpreting the data from the Daily Evergreen’s Google Analytics to help them understand the traffic to the Daily Evergreen’s website and who was visiting the pages and the stories the most. Using the data, I gathered I was able to suggest ways they could increase their student traffic, the primary goal of understanding the data. I enjoyed the fact I was able to give some clarity and provide suggestions to help the Daily Evergreen become more successful.

From the Nominations


“Going above and beyond her DTC training, Bethany took on a challenge to work for The Daily Evergreen to initiate the use of Google Analytics so the paper could analyze their web traffic better.


“Richard Miller, the director of the Office of Student Media, stated: ‘Bethany approached her job with polished professionalism, and produced a detailed report on The Daily Evergreen’s analytics. We were so impressed by her competence that we recruited her to be the next editor of the Chinook Yearbook.'”