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Excellence in Digital Cinema, Sound, & Animation

Awarded to a student who examines the history, development, and cultural impact of time-based technology such as sound, film and animation.

Photo of Rachel Tveit

Rachel Tveit, 2020 award recipient

From the Nominations


“For the DTC 354 Digital Storytelling final, students were to create a narrative short-story video encapsulating everything they had learned throughout the semester. It could be about anything they wanted as long as it followed the traditional 3-act story structure. Students could work in a group or by themselves.

“Rachel decided to work alone, to create a stop-motion animation. She spent over 15 hours designing the backdrops and props in Illustrator. She used a miniature wooden figurine as her main character and the backdrops were tacked to a wall, and a desk served as the floor of the scene. For 30 hours she took photos, moved the character and props millimeters at a time between frames, then she imported more than one thousand photos into Premiere Pro.

“Then, after more than five hours of post-production editing, she finished her 6-minute long stop motion film, titled ‘Spare Change‘ (shown at right). This animation draws attention to the issue of homelessness in our country and takes the audience on an emotional journey that ends with a list of ways people can directly help. She entered the video in the WSU Art for Social Change competition and won.

“That was not the first time Rachel put over 50 hours into a DTC assignment. When she has an idea she goes all in, not for the grade, but for an end product that is something to be proud of. The DTC program emphasizes creative production and critical exploration of digital technology across multiple contexts and Rachel has embraced those components across numerous projects throughout her time at WSU.

“She exemplifies the kind of work ethic DTC encourages from students, and on more than one occasion her projects exposed digital divides and social inequalities. She has also invested countless hours helping other DTC students with projects.