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Excellence in Collaboration

Awarded to students who work together on a project or projects in a cohesive manner.

2020 Award Recipients (in alphabetical order)

Erica Bedolla

Photo of Tori Bredy

Tori Bredy

“My name is Tori Bredy and I graduated from WSU in May 2020. I received a bachelor’s of arts in Digital Technology and Culture and a minor in Communications. I’m passionate about graphic and web design and am eager and excited to apply the skills I learned in DTC to my career!”

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Photo of Emily Deichmann

Emily Deichmann

Emily Deichmann graduated from WSU in the Spring of 2020 with a degree in Digital Technology and Culture as well as Business. She is passionate about digital marketing, content creation and planning and executing campaigns.

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Photo of Jovannah Gudino

Jovannah Gudino

“My name is Jovannah Gudino. I am a recent graduate of Washington State University with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Technology and Culture and a minor in Fine Arts. I take pride in my graphic design work and creating fun illustrations. Art is a passion of mine and I strive to capture my artistic ability in my graphic designs. I enjoy photography. I love to capture pictures of nature such as flowers, trees and a beautiful sunset view.”

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Photo of Rachel Tveit

Rachel Tveit

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From the Nominations


“Our DTC 497 Senior Capstone class worked with the Coeur d’Alene tribe and several of their enterprises through the Coeur d’Alene Resort and Casino. The students worked for ten weeks with individual departments to design and produce products in an iterative fashion to meet the specific needs of the department, the business, and the communities they serve. This group of DTC majors worked with the Chinook Lounge to help them rebrand the restaurant and lounge with a new Chef focusing on food sovereignty and sustainability to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests and to feature the unique history and status of the tribe. This group worked together to define the needs of the clients; created and updated user stories for each ‘ask’ from the clients; and met both in person and virtually with the clients several times.

“The result was a stunning set of videos that reflects the upbeat attitude the clients wanted with a focused tie into the community and the chef. The students used inclusive design methods we studied in class and they exemplified DTC’s mission to fulfill extend WSU’s land grant mission to work with tribal communities in our region. Furthermore, they were poised and professional, working together to continuously update the products to meet the evolving needs of the clients.”


From Group Members


“I really enjoyed this project as it gave us a big opportunity to work with real clients. One thing I learned from this is adaptability. There were some big changes that we had to work with and we kept on working to give them what they asked for.”

“I am really proud of how well my team worked together and that we all really wanted to succeed and give our best to the clients and the DTC capstone class.”

“I am extremely proud of my group for our execution for the videos! It’s difficult to come across groups who are as organized, passionate about the project, communicate well with everyone, and have a professional work ethic and our group did all of those and beyond. We were an amazing team and it really showed throughout the semester, when we would meet in person and when we moved online. Everyone was always on task with what needed to be completed, who would do what, etc. to make sure it all worked smoothly. Our final videos are a perfect representation of how well we worked as a team.”