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on the campus of Washington State University, Monday, November 1, 2021.

Avery Dame-Griff

Assistant Professor, Career Track 

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Avery Dame-Griff is a Career Assistant Professor in the Digital Technology and Culture Department at Washington State University, Pullman, as well as the primary curator of the Queer Digital History Project (, which preserves pre-2010 LGBTQ spaces online. His research focuses on the social and political impact of early networking technology. His book project, The Two Revolutions: A History of the Transgender Internet, examines how the emerging commercial internet changed transgender politics from the 1980s to today. 

Selected Awards

Digital Humanities Fellow, Digital Humanities Initiative, Gonzaga University (2020)
Emerging Open Scholarship Award, Honorable Mention, Canadian Social Knowledge Institute (2018)
Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) Winnemore Digital Humanities Dissertation Fellow, University of Maryland, College Park (2016-2017)
Flagship Fellow, University of Maryland, College Park (2012-2016)

Selected Awards

William P. Heidrich Research Fellowship, University of Michigan (2018) 

Community Engagement

Curator of QDHP