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DTC Awards & Showcase 2020: Outstanding Senior: Kyra Antone

Outstanding Senior

Award to a graduating DTC senior who exemplifies the technical, creative, critical, and culturally-aware goals of the Department of Digital Technology and Culture.

They are honored here as well as with other Outstanding Seniors from all the programs within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Photo of Kyra Antone

Kyra Antone, 2020 award recipient

“I first want to acknowledge that WSU is on the homelands of the Nimiipuu and the Palus people. To the professors who have seen me at my worst and molded me into my best, I appreciate you. A big shout out to the Native communities that I come from, the knowledge and support from all of you has played an invaluable role in my life. A huge thank you to the Native American Student Center staff and students for becoming my family away from home. I have an immense amount of love for you all—the small things you have contributed along the way have made the biggest impact on my journey. Most important, thank you to my mom and sister for always being one smoke signal away. We did it. Go Cougs!”

— Kyra’s personal statement from her College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Senior profile

“As a leader, student, and activist, Kyra brings together the interdisciplinary strands of DTC, weaving together creative production and the critical exploration of digital technology and media across multiple contexts. Her work and community engagement fosters an inclusive community and highlights the necessity of integrating and valuing diverse knowledge systems, histories, and cultures.”

— Dr. Kim Christen

DTC Awards & Showcase 2020: Instructor Pedagogy: Landon Roper

Instructor Pedagogy

Awarded to an instructor, graduate student instructor, or undergraduate student who actively works to improve the DTC mission, curriculum, and student experience through teaching and pedagogical practice.

Photo of Landon Roper

Landon Roper, 2020 award recipient

Landon Roper is from New Mexico and eats Hatch green chili as often as possible. He’s always wanted to be a teacher, and is loving life in the DTC department where he has amazing colleagues and students. At school, he is most interested in critiquing social inequalities; at home, he is most interested in hanging with his family — human and animal.

“My courses make many students uncomfortable because I want students to lead their learning. I’m always critiqued for having too little guidance or direction initially, and almost always told that it is worthwhile afterward. My courses aren’t rigorous in a conventional way, but they are more difficult than most other courses in that students examine the ways that they think as much as what they think. This is accomplished through iterative practices during semester-length projects, frequent large-and-small group discussions, and promoting a challenging and safe sharing environment.”

From the Nominations


“It is without a doubt Landon is more than deserving of this award and if not is one of the best instructors at this University. He goes out of his way to make sure his students not only are pushing themselves beyond the surface level academically, but cares about their emotional well-being as well. Landon cares deeply about the DTC department and its impact on the lives of students here at WSU.

“Most importantly, as a student whose original intent to only pursue DTC as a UCORE, I am now minoring in DTC as his passion and enthusiasm for the subject inspired me beyond words. Landon is a professor that can teach any student, at any level.”


DTC Awards & Showcase 2020: Grit: Anna Davenport


Acknowledging a DTC student who has overcome immense obstacles to finish their degree at WSU.

Anna Davenport, 2020 award recipient

“Two years ago I had the hardest year of my life. Overall, my college career has been one of the most difficult times of my life. I started out in nursing at another school. After three years in nursing, I decided that digital technology was my passion. Throughout this year at WSU, I have continued to struggle with severe anxiety and depression. However, through my hard work and dedication, I will graduate on time in December with my BA in DTC…

“I believe that I have truly pushed my self to be the best that I can be and I am so proud of the places I’ve gone since my time in the hospital for depression two years ago. Digital Technology and Culture is my true passion and has allowed me to work through a lot of my depression and anxiety. WSU feels like home where I can be creative and truly work on myself.”

DTC Awards & Showcase 2020: Excellence in Service & Community Engagement

Excellence in Service & Community Engagement

Awarded to students who provided exemplary service to the WSU community and beyond during the past curricular year.

2020 Award Recipients (in alphabetical order)

Jordan Bard

Photo of Evie Caldwell

Evie Caldwell

Evie Caldwell is a recent Digital Technology and Culture graduate who loves photo manipulation and has been using Adobe Photoshop for over five years. She is also experienced in editorial design, logo design, motion graphics, video editing, and web design.

Visit Evie’s Online Portfolio

Lexis Cook

Aya Stewart

From the Nominations

“As part of a DTC336 project that studied local spending and alternative currencies, these students worked in a small group and were paired with Eric Sorenson of Clumsy Crow Baking of Pullman, WA. They showed a high level of engagement with the long-term project, more than any of the other students in two sections of the class, spending a significant amount of time studying one specific aspect of Sorenson’s operation and using their research to create original designs.

“They obviously founded a positive relationship with their community member and showed great enthusiasm for what his small business contributes to the community. Their community partner attended their final presentation and also obviously had a positive experience with the group.”

From the Group

“Our group worked with Eric Sorenson of Clumsy Crow Baking to create artisanal currency notes for his business. We specifically chose to focus on his authentic lye-dipped German pretzels and the processes he uses to make them. Throughout the semester, we repeatedly visited with Eric to collect notes and photographs. We used our research to develop icons, patterns, and color schemes, which we then used to create our double-sided bills. Our group chose Aya’s bill [at right] as our final currency design.

“I learned a lot about baking from this project, and I loved the opportunity to get to work with such a neat local business.”

Clumsy Crow artisinal currency

More currency examples from the class can be seen on the DTC blog post Local Artisinal Currency Project.

DTC Awards & Showcase 2020: Excellence in Interactive Technology & Development: Aidan Aumell

Excellence in Interactive Technology & Development

Awarded to a student who explores the principles of web design, coding, information architecture, and usability in a global cultural context.

Photo of Aidan Aumell

Aidan Aumell, 2020 award recipient

My name is Aidan Aumell from Seattle, Washington. I am a Digital Technology Senior graduating in December 2020. I am passionate about web design, VR/AR development, the environment, education, and soccer. This summer I am interning with Simply Augmented working on web design, social media, and 3D modeling.

Visit Aidan’s Online Portfolio

I redesigned a more accessible, and user-friendly, web site for small local business where I previously worked, Seattle Pops. I worked in the Seattle Pop’s kitchen creating all-natural popsicles for two years. I also served as their Social Media Manager intern.

I created the Seattle Pops website for a final in DTC 355, which required students to create a website for a fictional business. I optimized my learnings from the DTC 355 class about UI/UX principals; and advice from Professor Tor de Vries to create the website. I designed an entire new website and added new content as well. When the website was completed, I shared my website design with the owner of Seattle Pops, who loved my design.

Visit the updated site at

From the Nominations


“Aidan’s passion for web design was evident this fall in DTC 355. In fact, for his final project, he asked to be allowed to design a new web site for the small business that he worked at over the previous summer. He asked questions, met with me, and pitched it to the business owner — and they loved it!

“His design is now their site, at”


Seattle Pops Home Page

DTC Awards & Showcase 2020: Excellence in Information Systems & Structures: Bethany Loomis

Excellence in Information Systems & Structures

Awarded to a student who focuses on inclusive strategies for and systems to design, curate, present, organize, and critique data and information and their functions, uses, and effects across multiple contexts.

Photo of Bethany Loomis

Bethany Loomis, 2020 award recipient

My name is Bethany Loomis. I am currently a Washington State University student earning a Bachelor of Digital Technology and Culture with a minor in Music Technology.

Upon completion of my bachelor’s degree, I hope to become a graphic designer and use my skills to assist with web development and design. I am engaged in my community as a musician in the groups The Community Band of The Palouse and the Hog Heaven Big Band.

Visit Bethany’s Online Portfolio

I was tasked with interpreting the data from the Daily Evergreen’s Google Analytics to help them understand the traffic to the Daily Evergreen’s website and who was visiting the pages and the stories the most. Using the data, I gathered I was able to suggest ways they could increase their student traffic, the primary goal of understanding the data. I enjoyed the fact I was able to give some clarity and provide suggestions to help the Daily Evergreen become more successful.

From the Nominations


“Going above and beyond her DTC training, Bethany took on a challenge to work for The Daily Evergreen to initiate the use of Google Analytics so the paper could analyze their web traffic better.


“Richard Miller, the director of the Office of Student Media, stated: ‘Bethany approached her job with polished professionalism, and produced a detailed report on The Daily Evergreen’s analytics. We were so impressed by her competence that we recruited her to be the next editor of the Chinook Yearbook.'”

DTC Awards & Showcase 2020: Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion: Luis Garcia

Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion

Awarded to a DTC student whose work and actions exemplify the DTC goals of working toward a more just world for all.

Luis Garcia, 2020 award recipient

From the Nomination


“Luis is a Residence Hall Director and member of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc. For his fraternity he is a member of the Social Justice committee, where he helped organize a campus-wide event annually called Rooms of Reflection. Luis’ part was to help organize the section that focuses on minority groups and raises issues to student participants that they may not already be aware of.


“In addition to his work with ResLife and his fraternity, Luis has also worked for International Programs as a peer mentor for the First Generation Abroad trip, a trip he went on himself between his freshman and sophomore years at WSU.”

DTC Awards & Showcase 2020: Excellence in Digital Cinema, Sound, & Animation: Rachel Tveit

Excellence in Digital Cinema, Sound, & Animation

Awarded to a student who examines the history, development, and cultural impact of time-based technology such as sound, film and animation.

Photo of Rachel Tveit

Rachel Tveit, 2020 award recipient

From the Nominations


“For the DTC 354 Digital Storytelling final, students were to create a narrative short-story video encapsulating everything they had learned throughout the semester. It could be about anything they wanted as long as it followed the traditional 3-act story structure. Students could work in a group or by themselves.

“Rachel decided to work alone, to create a stop-motion animation. She spent over 15 hours designing the backdrops and props in Illustrator. She used a miniature wooden figurine as her main character and the backdrops were tacked to a wall, and a desk served as the floor of the scene. For 30 hours she took photos, moved the character and props millimeters at a time between frames, then she imported more than one thousand photos into Premiere Pro.

“Then, after more than five hours of post-production editing, she finished her 6-minute long stop motion film, titled ‘Spare Change‘ (shown at right). This animation draws attention to the issue of homelessness in our country and takes the audience on an emotional journey that ends with a list of ways people can directly help. She entered the video in the WSU Art for Social Change competition and won.

“That was not the first time Rachel put over 50 hours into a DTC assignment. When she has an idea she goes all in, not for the grade, but for an end product that is something to be proud of. The DTC program emphasizes creative production and critical exploration of digital technology across multiple contexts and Rachel has embraced those components across numerous projects throughout her time at WSU.

“She exemplifies the kind of work ethic DTC encourages from students, and on more than one occasion her projects exposed digital divides and social inequalities. She has also invested countless hours helping other DTC students with projects.


DTC Awards & Showcase 2020: Excellence in Collaboration

Excellence in Collaboration

Awarded to students who work together on a project or projects in a cohesive manner.

2020 Award Recipients (in alphabetical order)

Erica Bedolla

Photo of Tori Bredy

Tori Bredy

“My name is Tori Bredy and I graduated from WSU in May 2020. I received a bachelor’s of arts in Digital Technology and Culture and a minor in Communications. I’m passionate about graphic and web design and am eager and excited to apply the skills I learned in DTC to my career!”

Visit Tori’s Online Portfolio

Photo of Emily Deichmann

Emily Deichmann

Emily Deichmann graduated from WSU in the Spring of 2020 with a degree in Digital Technology and Culture as well as Business. She is passionate about digital marketing, content creation and planning and executing campaigns.

Visit Emily’s Online Portfolio

Photo of Jovannah Gudino

Jovannah Gudino

“My name is Jovannah Gudino. I am a recent graduate of Washington State University with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Technology and Culture and a minor in Fine Arts. I take pride in my graphic design work and creating fun illustrations. Art is a passion of mine and I strive to capture my artistic ability in my graphic designs. I enjoy photography. I love to capture pictures of nature such as flowers, trees and a beautiful sunset view.”

Visit Jovannah’s Online Portfolio

Photo of Rachel Tveit

Rachel Tveit

Visit Rachel’s Online Portfolio

From the Nominations


“Our DTC 497 Senior Capstone class worked with the Coeur d’Alene tribe and several of their enterprises through the Coeur d’Alene Resort and Casino. The students worked for ten weeks with individual departments to design and produce products in an iterative fashion to meet the specific needs of the department, the business, and the communities they serve. This group of DTC majors worked with the Chinook Lounge to help them rebrand the restaurant and lounge with a new Chef focusing on food sovereignty and sustainability to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests and to feature the unique history and status of the tribe. This group worked together to define the needs of the clients; created and updated user stories for each ‘ask’ from the clients; and met both in person and virtually with the clients several times.

“The result was a stunning set of videos that reflects the upbeat attitude the clients wanted with a focused tie into the community and the chef. The students used inclusive design methods we studied in class and they exemplified DTC’s mission to fulfill extend WSU’s land grant mission to work with tribal communities in our region. Furthermore, they were poised and professional, working together to continuously update the products to meet the evolving needs of the clients.”


From Group Members


“I really enjoyed this project as it gave us a big opportunity to work with real clients. One thing I learned from this is adaptability. There were some big changes that we had to work with and we kept on working to give them what they asked for.”

“I am really proud of how well my team worked together and that we all really wanted to succeed and give our best to the clients and the DTC capstone class.”

“I am extremely proud of my group for our execution for the videos! It’s difficult to come across groups who are as organized, passionate about the project, communicate well with everyone, and have a professional work ethic and our group did all of those and beyond. We were an amazing team and it really showed throughout the semester, when we would meet in person and when we moved online. Everyone was always on task with what needed to be completed, who would do what, etc. to make sure it all worked smoothly. Our final videos are a perfect representation of how well we worked as a team.”

DTC Awards & Showcase 2020: Established Scholar: Aracely Mendoza

Established Scholar

Awarded to a junior or senior DTC student who consistently produces exemplary work in the classroom and beyond.

Photo of Aracely Mendoza

Aracely Mendoza, 2020 award recipient

My name is Aracely Mendoza. I have earned a dual degree in Anthropology and Digital Technology and Culture with a minor in Fine Arts, Magna Cum Laude, and I am a first-generation student.

The purpose of my research with Dr. Anne Pisor and Dr. Aaron Ansell was aimed to understand the different ways that “traditions” are changing through various generational levels in the Latinx community of the United States. The term “tradition” in the study was left to interpretation for the participants to express what they viewed as a tradition from the country they identify with and why it was important to them. To evaluate traditional knowledge and practices, 5 participants from the East and West coast of the U.S. were asked a series of questions about their upbringing, stereotypes, and country of origin. Our second phase of the interviews for the remaining 15 participants brought a further understanding of how prevalent generation level was to shape a Latinx person related to their tradition as well as how the maintenance of tradition played a role in their identification.

Within my involvement in the Latinx community, I helped 29 incoming freshmen through the Multicultural Student Mentoring Program. I was also involved with Mecha, as a team leader for their CASHE conference which brings high school students from all over Washington State to learn more about higher education. I also served as their secretary and co-chair, overlooking their weekly general member meetings and cabinet meetings. With Mujeres Unidas, I served as their Chicanx/Latinx Student Alliance representative, Coalition of Women Students Representative, and co-chair, creating and strengthening collaborations with other organizations under the Chilastal and CWS umbrellas.

From the Nominations


“Aracely is a WSU dual degree candidate in Anthropology and Digital Technology and Culture. She is also pursuing a minor in Fine Arts. She is a part of the McNair Program at WSU and has goals to pursue a PhD in Sociology after graduation. Aracely is currently a Research Assistance for Dr. Aaron Ansell at Virginia Technical Institute and Dr. Anne Pisor in the Anthropology Department at WSU. For her mentors, Aracely is working on conducting interviews with people who identify with the Latinx community to see how generations in the United States partake in their traditions She has presented her work at several conferences including MAOP Summer Research Internship Symposium, Virginia Tech’s Office of Undergraduate Research Summer Symposium, Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (SURCA), and UMD McNair Conference.


“Aracely is also incredibly active on the WSU campus. During her time at WSU Aracely has been a Multicultural Student Services Mentor, MeChA Secretary, Mujeres Unidas member, involved in the Emerging Leader program, and Chicanx/Latinx Student Alliance Treasurer. She is currently leading a group of her peers through the process of updating the photo and video archive for United Way Pullman as a part of her work in DTC 497: Senior Seminar.

“She is a highly accomplished scholar and engaged community member at WSU.”