Seattle’s Experience Pilot Program:
Heidi Angel’s Journey


By: Jessica Fernandez

Heidi Angel, a Digital Technology and Culture major, had the opportunity to participate in the Seattle Experience Pilot Program during the 2023 spring break with other College of Arts and Sciences students. The program aimed to immerse students in Seattle’s diverse cultural and professional environment, exploring the theme of belonging. The Seattle Experience pilot program aimed to help students develop professional skills and to reflect on the value of their liberal arts training in real-world situations. 

Heidi was motivated to apply for the Seattle Experience Pilot Program to make connections and experience something new. The program offered her the opportunity to network with WSU alumni, experience diverse cultures, and learn about potential employment and internship opportunities. Heidi’s experience in Seattle had a significant impact on her personally and professionally. The program provided her with a valuable lesson that careers are not always a straight path, and one can never end up where one thinks one will. She also learned that participating and being involved in the community can help get one’s foot in the door, leading to unexpected opportunities.

Heidi’s schedule during the program was diverse, including visits to Pike Place Market, Amazon, Boeing, the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) Resource Center, Municipal Tower, and City Hall. Heidi talked to politicians, lawyers, and Microsoft representatives, and gained insights into the business world and data analytics.

Heidi strongly recommends the Seattle Experience Program to students considering applying for it in the future. She advises students to take advantage of the opportunity and be open to new experiences, regardless of their academic background.


The Seattle Experience Program is an excellent opportunity for students to immerse themselves in Seattle’s diverse cultural and professional environment, develop professional skills, and reflect on the value of their liberal arts training. Heidi’s experience demonstrates the program’s potential to broaden students’ perspectives, challenge assumptions, and provide valuable networking opportunities.