Zahra Debbek and Sabrina Hoenes Intern at the
Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

By: Max Ciot

This year, DTC Seniors Zahra Debbek and Sabrina Hoenes are interning at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art on the WSU campus.

Previously, Zahra had worked at the Museum of Art as a marketing intern in 2017. When Zahra had a clearer idea of what she wanted to do after graduation, she reached out to the museum to work with them again. After a few interviews, Zahra was offered the position of Museum Assistant. She also enrolled in Fine Arts 490: Gallery Procedures with the Museum of Art, which is part of her Exhibition Studies minor and has enhanced her experience at the museum. Sabrina got her internship through the museum’s Educational Coordinator and former DTC Faculty Member, Kristen Becker.

Zahra’s responsibilities at the Museum of Art include: creating different types of media such as taking photos, videos, and posting on social media. Other duties include welcoming visitors into the museum and participating in ongoing events. Sabrina is in charge of capturing videos of public events taking place at the museum, and any video editing that the museum may need.

Students put together letters for the letter press at the Museum of Art.

Sabrina’s favorite aspects about working for the Museum of Art are getting to experience the public and private events. Zahra likes being surrounded by so much creativity, as it keeps her and others inspired. Connecting with the community and allowing students learning opportunities is also something Zahra enjoys about working at the museum. Recently, Zahra and Sabrina were given the opportunity to record footage of the visiting artists from the Black Lives Matter Artist Grant Exhibit. “It was so nice meeting and talking to them and hearing their thoughts on their artwork! I also love working with the staff at the museum, they are all so nice and friendly,” says Sabrina.

This internship is helping Zahra and Sabrina build up not only their resumes, but also their portfolios. According to Sabrina, the internship has helped her gain experience working with cameras as she produces videos for the museum. She also has had the opportunity to further strengthen and improve her skills in Adobe Premiere Pro.

After graduating, Zahra is planning to work in the creative side of marketing, mainly for museums. Majoring in DTC with a minor in Exhibition Studies through the Department of Fine Arts will enable her to use all of the skills that she is learning in her future career. Sabrina is unsure of exactly what she wants to do, but she wouldn’t mind a career in the museum industry if the opportunity presented itself.