Play Games with DTC During Family Weekend

By: Ruth Gregory

The Department of Digital Technology and Culture at WSU is proud to present video games and interactive media created by our students on Friday April 9th from 5pm – 6:30pm during the Spring 2021 Family Weekend. All the games can be played on a computer from the cloud, no additional hardware is required. The event will happen over Zoom and you can join the meeting here.

The Digital Technology and Culture (DTC) department emphasizes creative production and critical exploration of digital technology across multiple contexts. Students in DTC develop skills in web design, animation, graphic design, video production, augmented and virtual reality, and other emerging technology while integrating cultural, social, and historical perspectives, diverse methodologies, and inclusive frameworks.

More information about the games and interactive media will be posted on this page closer to the event.


Created by Evie Caldwell, Aache’ Howard-McDaniel, Laurel Kroschel, and Maren Martin


DTC 475: Digital Diversity

For the final assignment in the spring 2018 version of Digital Diversity, students were placed into small groups and asked to create a game that addressed an intersectional issue.

Winner – DTC Award for Excellence in Interactive Technology and Development (2019)



DTC 492 Video Games

Embracing the history of interactive cinema, choose your own adventure stories and text-based adventure games students utilized Twine, the open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories to create their own interactive branching narratives or text-based games. Each work focused on giving the viewer some sense of agency, even if it is a false sense of agency and breaking from a linear structure.

“Staying with Grandma”

Created by Kristine Zorn


“Archeology Adventure”

Created by Bethany Loomis


“The Pearl”

Created by Melissa Hookey