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Alumni Update with Ayanna Mendoza

By: Max Ciot

Ayanna Mendoza is a DTC Alumna currently working as a Brand Design Specialist at Pullman Regional Hospital. She originally interviewed for the position right before she graduated in May 2020. However, due to COVID-19 pandemic she was not able to immediately start. She instead moved to Boise while she waited to start her position at the hospital and then was graciously able to accept and continue the position remotely.

Ayanna has always been an artistic person that has wanted to do graphic design and digital art as a career choice. While she was working her way towards a bachelor’s degree in DTC, Ayanna started contemplating a more traditional career at the end of her sophomore year and explored nursing. She even earned her certification to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Although this increased her appreciation for healthcare workers, Ayanna is a creative at heart and missed the collaborative environment and expression in the DTC program. This made her realize that nursing was not the career for her, so by her senior year she made her way back to the DTC program.

Ayanna’s position at the hospital also feels serendipitous. Ayanna grew up in Pullman and was even born at Pullman Regional Hospital (technically Pullman Memorial Hospital which has now evolved into the WSU Health & Wellness Center before it expanded to the current location and underwent the name change). It is also where she worked during her time as a CNA. While her work on the marketing team is very different, her previous experience as a CNA is what led her back to the organization. Ayanna loves working at Pullman Regional Hospital and states that the organization and people she works with are amazing and that the work culture is wonderful.

As a Brand and Design specialist, Ayanna is on a small team for external relations. She assists in marketing efforts to provide visual assets for both print and digital means that support internal departments and their clinic network, social media, their website and blog, and community outreach efforts. Alongside this Ayanna ensures all content is on-brand and cohesive and collaborates with other members of her team for larger marketing campaigns and strategy development. This was and wasn’t a job that Ayanna thought about doing during her time at WSU. She always wanted to explore the marketing aspect of design, and while she loved her hometown and the family she leaves behind, she also always wanted to venture out of Pullman as she loves big cities. Currently working remotely from Boise, she states her gratitude for being able to keep one foot, and a piece of her heart, in Pullman.

During her time as a Brand and Design specialist, Ayanna has already worked on quite a few projects. One of her favorite projects is the Birth Control E-Book print publication that she was able to work on. Her team worked with one of the Physician Assistants, Teresa Tomaszewski, to develop content on birth control and the types of birth controls that are available. Ayanna says that women’s healthcare is a passion of hers, and also one of the reasons why she briefly pursued nursing. Through this project she was able to join her passion for women’s healthcare with her creative passion in order to create a visual representation of relevant, reliable, and accessible information.

Recently, Ayanna’s team also started investing some of the budget into digital ad design. Throughout their efforts, they have been able to expand their subscribers significantly. She is very proud of this as the digital community and content her team, and providers, have created directly respond to the community’s needs and interests and deserve so much recognition.

Another project Ayanna is currently working on is a print publication that is published biannually She enjoys the more traditional design work as well- there is nothing like having something tangible to hold onto and see “fresh off the press”!

For more information on Ayanna and to see more of her work, check out her personal portfolio.