DTC Alumni Virtually Visit the Senior Seminar to Talk

About How the Pandemic Has Changed the Workplace

Alumni virtually visiting the senior seminar class on Microsoft Teams

By: Ruth Gregory

Four different Digital Technology and Culture Alumni popped into the Senior Seminar on October 28th to provide insight into how the global pandemic has affect searching for and securing a job. Brandon Sanders (middle left in the photo), Rachel Ring (middle center), Julia Midkiff (center right), and Lillie Williams (lower right) all graduated in December of 2019 with degrees in Digital Technology and Culture and have been working from afar at their first jobs out of college.

Rachel Ring is the Marketing Assistant at GLY Construction and spent exactly one week in the office before being sent home to work from there in March of 2020. She said that although it has been challenging getting acclimated to a new position without much face-to-face training time, she still finds it very possible to have a great working experience virtually.

Julia Midkiff is a Junior Graphic Designer at PitchBook Data, a job she interviewed for and got after the pandemic had begun. Julia noted that the interview process included more pre-hire testing than during a normal year. This is because it is difficult for future employers to pick up on a candidate’s body language during an interview over a videoconference. Companies are keen on finding a candidate that is a good fit before they hire; especially since new employees will be working from afar right off the bat for the time being.

Lillie Williams, who graduated from WSU with a double major in Digital Technology and Culture and Strategic Communication, just started a position as a Digital Advertising Coordinator at Tavour, a craft beer gifting company. Lillie also completed an internship with Boeing during the pandemic. From her own experience, Lillie noted that there are vast differences between workplace cultures, even when you work from a distance. Some of her advice to the seniors was to make sure that you match the company culture and tone as much as you can in your application materials.

Brandon Sanders is an Associate Marketing Manager at HubSpot, a company specializing in marketing software and support. This is actually his second position that he has acquired since the pandemic started. He noted that you don’t need to take the first offer than comes along. You also don’t need to stay if you don’t feel that the company culture or city fits your needs. His overall message was to really think about what you want before you start searching for a position and to value yourself during the process.

It is always great to hear from our alumni, new and old. If you have a story you want to share then please reach out to us at dtc@wsu.edu.