DTC Welcomes New Faculty Member June T. Sanders

By: Max Ciot

A portrait of June Sanders from a computer screen with purple around it

This fall, the Digital Technology and Culture program gained not only one, but two new faculty members. One of these faculty members is June T. Sanders, who has years of experience in topics such as community outreach, online platforms, digital spaces, photography, graphic design, and more. 

June got her undergrad degree in Media studies. Afterwards, she studied at WSU to get her Master’s degree in Photography and Digital Media.

This semester, June will be bringing her rich personality to the DTC department by teaching DTC 201: Tools and Methods for Digital Technology. She will also be teaching DTC 354: Digital Storytelling and DTC 476: Digital Literacies. In the future, June wishes to teach a variation on a digital literature course pertaining to queer/trans culture and how issues on identity interact in the digital space. 

Before coming to WSU, June worked for KYRS (Spokane’s Community Radio Station) as an Event Coordinator for a year and a half. June also did community outreach and fundraising for the arts at the same time for an amount of time. June has many different backgrounds. She is mainly an artist, writer, and curator. She also writes reviews, journals, and curates different shows from around the country. Furthermore, she is a photographer and graphic designer for a multitude of years. Her media studies degree combined with contemporary art culture and online platforms for creative works will fit together well within the DTC department.

June’s favourite project that she has worked on is still in progress. It is being put together with a collaborator and is focused on contemporary photography online. She also did a few bigger shows and took pictures in Boston and Spokane. June uses her platform to fundraise money as well, such as for marginalized folks within the COVID-19 epidemic. Her current curatorial project can be found at: https://fromhereonout.net/.

For fun, June enjoys picking flowers, riding motorcycles, reading and writing poetry, sending letters to friends and loved ones, swimming in big, vast bodies of water, and playing banjo.

June also has a website which can be found at JuneTSanders.com.