Dr. Anna Plemons Wins WSU Woman of the Year Award


By: Evie Caldwell

Photos By: Jeff Braund A middle age woman with glasses hold a glass award

The 2019 WSU Woman of the Year Award has been awarded to Dr. Anna Plemons, a Clinical Assistant Professor of English. Anna teaches English classes on composition and rhetoric, and she is also a longtime member of the Digital Technology and Culture faculty.

Every year, the President’s Commission on the Status of Women at WSU presents the WSU Woman of the Year Award to a single awardee during National Women’s History Month in March. The award recognizes women for their achievements and contributions to the academic and local community, and to our society.

Anna teaches Digital Technology and Culture courses centered around topics of digital inclusion and diversity. She is currently teaching one DTC 206 class and one DTC 475 class. In DTC 206, students consider the need for the digital environment to be inclusive and equitable by unpacking various tools of communication and the ways in which digital platforms are built. Similarly, in DTC 475, students explore the social impact of new technologies such as the internet, video games, and social media.

In addition to her work with the Digital Technology and Culture program, as the director of the College of Arts and Sciences Critical Literacies Achievement and Success Program (CLASP), Anna coordinates with WSU faculty, staff, and students on issues of retention and persistence, paying particular attention to the relationship between pedagogy and retention for underrepresented students.

Six family members stand around Dr. Anna Plemons and her award

Since 2009, Anna has also held a grant-funded teaching position with the California Arts in Corrections Program. She teaches creative nonfiction classes at multiple prisons in northern California and oversees a research-based literacy project aimed at empowering incarcerated students to be literacy mentors in their respective families.

Plemons and five other 2019 WSU Women of Distinction were honored by the President’s Commission on the Status of Women, the WSU Women’s Center, and President Kirk Schulz on March 4 at the 2019 WSU Women of Distinction Celebration. For more information on the 2019 Women of Distinction at WSU, please click here.