Victoria Wins Competitive Study Abroad Internship


By: Evie Caldwell Portrait of a light haired young woman with glasses with the desert in the distance

Digital Technology and Culture student Victoria Henry-LeMaster was recently chosen to be a Digital Communications Intern for University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC), a popular study abroad agency. Victoria is currently studying abroad in Haifa, Israel. She will be completing the internship this spring while abroad.

USAC is a non-profit, university-based organization. The agency has program locations in 28 countries. Each semester, USAC hires interns to help share the study abroad experience. The application process is competitive, and the agency selects students with excellent photography and videography skills. During her internship with USAC, Victoria will be working on an array of different media projects including photography, videography, and Instagram takeovers. She is looking forward to the opportunity to expand her portfolio.

When on campus, Victoria works as a Director of Social Media for ZZU CRU. She is active in Hillel, and she has also been a member of Alpha Delta Pi since Fall 2016.

Victoria is studying Digital Technology and Culture because of the versatility of the program. She believes her major will prepare her to go into an artistic field, advertising, or even a career in business. She values the way that Digital Technology and Culture can be molded to fit individual needs.

Although she has always been an advocate for traveling and stepping out of one’s comfort zone, Victoria’s desire to study abroad began in August when she visited Israel through Birthright Israel, an organization that sponsors free heritage trips for young adults. Upon reaching the end of her trip, Victoria knew she wanted to return to Israel. She started looking into study abroad programs. “I think studying abroad is an experience that everyone should at least try to take advantage of,” said Victoria. She disagrees with the myth that studying abroad is just an excuse to have fun and take a vacation. While in Israel, Victoria is taking classes outside of her major and minors to push herself. She hopes her internship with USAC will help her grow as a creative producer.